Weather forecast for agricultural professionals

Forecasts of high accuracy for your farm

"Reliable weather forecast, adapted to local specificities and meeting the needs of our business: changing conditions in real time, saving time and facilitating decision-making and planning of activities and treatments in your fields…”, here's what you have required and what we have created in cooperation with you. With Farmi weather forecast you can benefit from accurate weather forecasts relating to your farm:

  • - Monitor your plots. Depending on the geographical location, select in your favourites different places for which you need to have the weather forecast,
  • - Profit from an easy organization of your work with our detailed weather forecasts up to 7 days,
  • - Adapt your activities in real time thanks to high precision weather forecasts for the next 3 hours. Data are updated every 15 minutes to take into account the most varying weather phenomena.

Right time treatments

Advice to optimize efficiency of your spraying

Based on the weather forecast data of an international expert our agronomists have developed an algorithm that, depending on the wind speed, temperature, precipitation, humidity, and in view of effectiveness of a product and regulatory constraints, allows you to quickly define whether the conditions are favourable for your planned treatment or not.

- Anticipate and plan your treatments according to recommendations for the next 7 days:”Spraying is recommended / Spraying with possible difficulties / Spraying is not recommended”.
More information is provided in detail by clicking the recommendation button.
- Customize our recommendations according to the type of your planned treatments: root herbicide, foliar herbicide, growth regulator, fungicide, insecticide, solid fertilizer or liquid fertilizer.
- You can monitor all your plots very easily. The type(s) of treatments you select apply to all your favourite plots.


Conseil de pulvérisation
**TOP 3 favorite features of farmers**

Rainfall radar

Precipitation development in real time

A real working tool helping you to manage all your fields: our rainfall radar allows you to visualize the passage of showers through your plots within 3 hours:

- Customized: find on the rainfall radar map of cities you have selected as your favourites,
- Accurate: zoom and observe the forecasts per 2 km²  by the level of rainfall,
- Dynamic: the animation of the radar for the next 3 hours is made possible thanks to a display of forecasts at intervals of 15 minutes. You can also stop the animation on a specific schedule to compare the conditions on different plots.

radar de pluie

Survey of Euronext and Chicago quotations

Follow quotations within the same application

Save your time by directly consulting the Euronext and Chicago (CBOT) listings in Farmi. Check very quickly all quotations thanks to optimised display.

Consultation des cotations Euronext
**TOP 3 favorite features of farmers**

Agricultural news summary

All agricultural news in one application

Every day, access the best of agricultural information from your main sources: market information, machinery, agronomy, new technologies, regulations etc.


Agrégateur d'actualités agricoles

My accounts

Manage your accounts with a hand of a master!

- Services provided to Soufflet customers -

Access your accounts wherever you are. Find all movements of your sales and purchases and associated invoice numbers and monitor your deadlines at a glance, never to be taken over.

Mes comptes farmi

My orders

Manage your orders in real time!

- Services provided to Soufflet customers -

Visualize the products ordered in the current sales campaign and track the progress of your orders. Find very quickly the latest products and quantities you have ordered. Monitoring your orders with Farmi is so easy.

Mes appros

My supplies

Monitor the progress of your deliveries!

- Services provided to Soufflet customers -

With a higher number of sales contracts their follow-up can become rather difficult. With Farmi, at a glance, you can check the volumes under contracts, your deliveries and their valuation. Filters by contract or delivery facilitate your faster monitoring and decision making. Farmi also gives you the possibility to check the volumes but also the characteristics of your deliveries thanks to the visualization of all your delivery notes. Thus, you know exactly where you are in the delivery of your contracts with Soufflet Group. No more loosing time when harvesting!

Ma collecte

Multi-company access

Follow one or more farms from your personal account

- Services provided to Soufflet customers –

If you are several stakeholders in the farm or you have a certain company structure, Farmi has thought of you. You log in to Farmi with your personal account and then you have an option to request the access of one or more farms to your account. It's simple and safe!

suivi de plusieurs exploitations

Soufflet silos at my disposal

Silos near your farm: places, opening hours and contacts

Do you plan a delivery?

- Check quickly the opening hours of your silo. These data are updated weekly!
- Find quickly the nearest and currently open silos,
- You also have access to contacts in order to address them directly by email or by phone in 1 click.

Coordonnées emplacements et horaires des silos Soufflet